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3-ON is a Russian manufacturer of trimmer cord and hand tools
Portable power equipment for comfortable work and leisure.
Our company first entered the U.S. market in 2013 as the A-iPower brand. We have more than 30 years of experience in creating leading energy solutions. Our own production facility allows us not only to regularly expand our product lines but also to constantly improve the technology we use in production. A-iPower produces all types of high-quality equipment - portable generators, high-pressure washers, welding machines, gasoline engines, and these are just a couple of items from our extensive list of products for comfortable work and cozy country life
Premium industrial quality!
A-Micron LLC is a distributor of the EGA Master brand in the territory of the Russian Federation. EGA Master is: -Top 100 leading brands in Spain The company won the highest state award in Spain (the Prince Felipe Award) 18 years after its foundation. -Universal solution EGA Master is currently the only manufacturer that offers 10 directions as part of a universal solution, which leads to lower costs for our customers. -Premium industrial quality The EGA Master company is the most titled instrument manufacturer, as evidenced by the huge list of awards that the Company has received since its foundation
ADA Instruments is a trademark of measuring, diagnostic and other equipment for construction, surveying, utility, non-destructive testing and diagnostics.
Quality is timeless.
The company "Aksel" is a leader in the market of manufacturers of consumables and accessories for household and professional equipment. Our range is widely represented dust bags, HEPA filters, nozzles, hoses, motors for various vacuums.We have been working for more than 20 years, and during that time have implemented a number of successful technical solutions to ensure effective implementation of the harvesting works of any complexity.Currently in our portfolio are successfully operating seven brands
Peaks available to everyone
Production of ladders and stepladders
AVS is one of the leading companies in the Russian car accessories market. For more than 15 years, we have been producing high-quality and affordable products, which are presented in various stores specializing in the sale of not only automotive products, but also food, construction, etc. types of products. Since 2019, a new group has been introduced into the range- "AVS Auto Tools". The AVS Auto Tools brand tool is manufactured in factories in India, China and Taiwan from high-quality materials and using modern technologies that meet the requirements of international (DIN) and domestic (GOST) standards
JSC "BELMASH" is an exclusive distributor of companies JLLC "Zavod Belmash" and HARVEY INDUSTRIS. The range of the company includes household and professional woodworking machinery, accessories, supplies, tools and accessories brands BELMASH and HARVEY.In 2017, released its own line of hand tool.In 2018 expanded the range of machines BELMASH, improved design of household machines. Increased range of warehouse programs Brenda HARVEY
BLOCKER is a brand specialist in the DIY category, a leader in the Russian market in terms of its share. The brand was founded in 2008, it is included in the PLASTIK REPUBLIC holding. The brand's assortment has about 120 SKU in the categories "Storage Systems", "Garage and Workshop", "Tourism and Fishing". in 2017 and 2018, respectively, two partnership programs were launched with FC Spartak Moscow and World of Tanks
Company «Bohrer» is an importer of a broad and balanced product portfolio fasteners, hand tools and accessories for power tools in China, Taiwan and Europe in the territory of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus. «Bohrer» Company is one of the largest suppliers in Central Russia and is a reliable partner for foreign manufacturers.
The company "Diamir" was created in 2004 with the aim of promoting tools and equipment as their own brand DIAM and leading brands in the industries using diamond tools in domestic, industrial and industrial purposes. Trademark "DIAM" is a registered TM and belongs to the company"Diamir". In the range of TM "DIAM" INCLUDES: •diamond blades, diamond cups, diamond core bits, drill bits, cutting wheels, polishing wheels; •machines for stone cutting, bridge and compact console for construction sites workshops and granite, universal cutting machines for cutting ceramic and porcelain placepro the finishing work; •magnetic drill for the production of works related to the drilling of blind and through holes in metal materials; •compact electric saws; drilling machines for production of works related to drilling of blind and through holes in different materials (reinforced concrete, concrete, granite, etc
Diliya Company LLC was established in 2007. The core business of the company is metalware since that time. Diliya LLC and UralBenzoTech LLC (The UBT) are run as a group of companies. The both companies are active in the field of production, assembling and selling garden equipment, tools and fuel powered tools branded «Forza» and «ECO». We produce and sell: - Attachments, accessories, towing implements for tillers and motor cultivator; - Farm wagon for tillers and other units; - Assemble the tillers for the UBT; - Green houses and frames
OOO "MK TechnoProfi" has been on the construction equipment import market for more than 10 years. During this time, we have taken a leading position. We are the exclusive distributor of TM DINKING engines in Russia, as well as gasoline generators of various capacities. General partners of TM MASALTA equipment. Owners of their own brand STEM TECHNO.
Import, wholesale and retail sale of accessories for power tools and hand tools from Europe
Production and sale of construction and garden gasoline and power tools, as well as equipment for it under the brand name Elmos
EXPERT Professional is a Russian manufacturer of dust bags, consumables for household, construction and professional vacuum cleaners.
Felo Representative office in Russia Our success is based on innovative products of the highest quality, the best service and honest partnership
Powder actuated tools, gas concrete nailers, concrete nails, cartridges, fuel cells, spare parts and accessories. Autofeed screwdrivers and collated screws.
A reliable assistant in a hard work.
Forte Tools GmbH carries on its activities based on the general principles of financial transparency accepted in the leading European countries and absolute loyalty in relations with partners and customers, as well as unique working experience in this industry segment accumulated for ages. Such approach allows “Forte Home GmbH” taking the top ranking positions at the Russian market of household equipment and demonstrating high international standards of business carrying on
LLC "GAMMA-PLAST" - one of the leaders in the development and production of composite polymer materials. We produce composite materials based on polycarbonate, polyamide, polybutylene terephthalate, polyolefins, styrene polymers and other thermoplastic materials, and mixtures thereof. Our materials can be reinforced with fiberglass, carbon fiber, mineral fillers. We produce flame retardant composition, the composition with improved physical-mechanical indicators, conductive and antistatic materials and products of them
Production and sale of geodetic equipment and accessories
Nothing usual
The Company is a wholesaler of professional power tools and industrial equipment for metalworking industry. More than 15 years of experience. A cohesive team of professionals. Only unusual and innovative kinds of products.
We produce and sell Tools for Fun!
Our company is a major manufacturer of gardening, snow removal and economic tool for over 10 years. Our catalog includes over 2,500 items. Shipments are made only wholesale throughout the Russian Federation, Belarus and Kazakhstan.
"INTERSKOL" is the leader of the Russian market of power tools and small tools, one of the ten largest manufacturers in the world specializing in this field. For nearly 15 years, the products of brand "Paul Mitchell" remains the most popular and in demand in Russia. To date, only in Russia bought more than 40 000 000 units of production "INTERSKOL".JSC "INTERSKOL" is the only Russian manufacturer of power tools and small tools, has received official international recognition
JOINT-STOCK COMPANY «ZAVOD «PHIOLENT» is one of the leading instrument making companies in Russian Federation, which also works with state defense orders. Nowadays we design and produce the following: - integration systems of ship automatics on the microprocessor-based systems; - high-precision electrical micromachines of multipurpose application; - professional hand power-tools. The power tools are produced on the plant in complete cycle
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KOLNER are DIY power tools and equipments for workers. It’s the best combination of quality and price to satisfy most of purpose in buildings construction, repairing, automobile service and others. KOLNER – it is durable and procurable tools. KOLNER includes such kind of power tools and equipments such as cordless drills, electric drills, rotary hammers, grinders, saws, planners, welding machines, air compressors, bench grinders, special tools, generators, high pressure washers, tools for cars, vacuum cleaners, hand tools, charging device and a lot of different consumables
Russian manufacturing company "KORONA" The company "KORONA" was founded in 1997. The range of products was limited to 20 models of gardening equipment. The model range was constantly expanding and by 2002 already numbered more than 200 items. In 2012, a new production and warehouse complex with modern high-precision equipment was opened. This made it possible to introduce new technologies, improve product quality, expand the assortment of goods and in 2013 open a new direction - the production of garden and construction wheelbarrows
Wholesale deliveries of power tools, machines, garden equipment, welding equipment, compressors, pumps, high pressure washers, air heaters, generators, measuring equipment.
"М-plastika"– manufacturer of household goods of plastics. There are over 500 products in our assortment, wide color gamma, high-quality products in the following direction: workshop (tool boxes, stools, box), storage (chest of drawers, shelves, drawers) and others.
The quality is available!
Manufacturer and distributor of lawn and construction equipment and components.
Company "Mavi" is a reliable supplier of garden and construction equipment of high quality. We have a wide range of wheelbarrows, wheels, shovels, cement mixers, canisters, and other construction equipment. We ship goods in bulk to all regions of the country. Cooperate with reliable and well-known logistics companies.Also an important advantage of our company that our entire range of products are always in stock. So our customers can be assured of timely and uninterrupted supply of equipment at any time of the year
Buy the right tool!
Products (hand tools and garden tools) manufactured at leading factories of Taiwanese and Japanese manufacturers are presented on the Russian market under the Mr.Logo trademark.
Torgovo-proizvodstvennaya Kompaniya "Intention" is one of the few domestic manufacturers of paint tools, a long time leader in quality rollers and rollers, manufactured in Russia. Based in Novosibirsk, Russia 25 April 1995.
"TOSS SERVICE" - Российская производственная компания, основанная в городе Смоленск в 2008 году. Компания имеет собственный конструкторский отдел, производственную базу и станочный парк. TOSS SERVICE, работает в трех сегментах экономики. Это производство обслуживающей техники для футбольных и гольф полей, техника для благоустройства и озеленения территорий, техника для жилищно-коммунального хозяйства
"OptPromTorg" represents a group of companies united under the brands "Energoprom", "Aquaprom", "Techprom" and "Lira". "OptPromTorg" have been placing orders to European and Russian factories in the areas of affordable and high-quality products for 19 years.
Brand Pit has been developing over 20 years in European countries, CIS and now expands to other countries. The Tubro-tuls company deals with wholesale supply of electric and gas tools, rigs and spare parts in Russia.
Producer and supplier of welding equipment
Production of gas-flame and electric welding equipment. Implementation of spare parts, portable stations, protective equipment, welding masks, accessories and related products.
Company "Lynx" offers an extensive range in the following types of products:- gasoline - tools - snow-machines - chainsaws for domestic consumption.
SDS is one of the world's leading companies in the market of electrical tools and accessories, as well as decorative lighting. Since its launch, in 1996, the "SDS" has specialized in electrical and lighting products production and its supply. Since then the company has become one of the leaders in the market of cable products, electrical tools and accessories, decorative and professional lighting. Today we combine 2 main functions - manufacture and delivery of cable-explorer and led products
Trademarks exclusively represented by the company Northern Arrows on the Russian market: PRAKTIKA - a set of accessories for power tools COBALT is a high-quality DDE hand tool - garden and construction equipment for outdoor work Quattro Elementi - Welding, pneumatic, pumping, thermal equipment from an Italian company. PULSAR - power tools and machine tools United Parts - spare parts for electric and benzo tools and equipment, including analogues of spare parts brands Bosch, Makita, Metabo, Stihl, Husqvarna and others
Durable. Focused on the result.
STAVR is the Russian trade mark of professional power tools and equipments. It was created in 2008 by Russian engineers and now STAVR is developed and supplied to whole Russia and neighboring countries. The main advantages are strong construction, long working life and high performance to satisfy most professional workers. Among products range such kind of goods as cordless power tools, electric drills, rotary hammers, demolition breakers, grinders, saws, planners, welding machines, air compressors, woodworking machines, bench grinders, and different kinds of garden machines, oils and others
The company "Stone-Service" is one of the leaders on Russian market of supplies of tools, equipment and chemical products for stone. Since 2002 our company has been steadily progressing, getting a new experience and reliable suppliers and partners all over the world. For decades of work, we have established direct and fruitful cooperation with a lot of well-known world's companies wich are leaders in this realm. Our range of products includes professional diamond tools, electro-pneumatic hand machines, equipment and chemicals for the stone
TMK OptTorg
Wholesale-retail tool company. Since 1993 on the market, with headquarters in Nizhny Novgorod and its own logistics complex with an area of 10000 m2. More than 50 of its own stores under the brand TMK and more than 50 franchised. Are comprehensive wholesale supplier with efficient logistics and the geography of deliveries throughout Russia. Distribution-known Western brands Makita, Bosch, DeWalt, Husqvarna, Karcher, Briggs
Trio-Diamond - it is: High-quality diamond tools Attention to the needs and wishes of the Client Affordable prices and discount system The quality and speed of order execution Focusing on long-term relationships
Tsel LTD
Provide cost.
Wholesale sales of equipment for power tools: - Cutting discs: abrasive for metal and stainless steel diamond for concrete, granite, etc. saw blades for wood (teflon-coated) - Grinding discs: abrasive petal diamond cups and AGSHK (Diamond Flexible Grinding Wheels) polymeric - Metal brushes - Metal drills HSS-Co 5%, HSS-G, HSS-G TiN - Concrete drills - Drills for concrete and granite (SDS-Plus, SDS-Max) - Bits and adapters
Техника. Созидание. Сервис.
Group of Companies TSS is working successfully at the Russian market in the area of industrial equipment since 1993 year and at the present moment it is the one of the biggest Russian producers and suppliers of energetic and constructing equipment for commercial companies, social projects, constructing, manufacturing and federal businesses. The list of supplying equipment is more than 1000 units, including domestic equipment and equipment of leading world-wide manufacturers
Main TUSCAR direction is production of accessories for garden equipment. Having attentively studied technologies of yesterday, we create modern production today and make quality more available! Constant control of quality on production and carrying out a set of tests, is allow us to declare with confidence that production of TUSCAR conforms to the highest quality standards can stand at the level of with the famous producers!
Sales-production Company “UralBenzoTekh” is producer and whosaler of gasoline and electric tools, motoblocks and tillers of our own trade mark “FORZA” with full set of equipment to them, engines to tillers and motoblocks; completing and spare parts, power machines, agriculture tools.
Quality assurance at affordable prices
Hand tools , consumable tools for power tools , gas equipment .
Perfect WEIMA, Perfect Life
WEIMA Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. is engaged in research and development, production and sale of gasoline engines, diesel engines, agricultural and snow removal equipment.
Distributor of world famous brands such as Fiskars (Finland),DeWALT(USA).Our brands :WIPRO (Russia),Shrew (Russia).
Only the Best!
Yamaguchi is an expert in massage and fitness equipment. Yamaguchi equipment is the embodiment of the latest developments in the industry of healthy lifestyle, fitness and massage. The company's mission is to instill a love of health.
ZheJiang YAT Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd